28 June 2011

A Post About Crackers

For a math class last term I presented a lesson plan that involved Goldfish crackers - I had to buy two different types for the activity.

I wanted to get these crazy coloured version, but they didn't seem to have them at the Superstore. I settled for "Pretzel" and "Pizza" flavoured.

My classmates appreciated it:

After all was said and done (and Andrew picked out all of the Pizza flavoured fish from the tub) I was left with crackers. I'm not one to be wasteful, so I've taken them around with me from NB to PEI to NS and then back to NB again.

Here I am chowing down on these salty and addictive fishes on the train to Miramichi:

The bag of crackers are now in Saint John, as am I. Just to keep you in the loop!

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