29 June 2011

Atlantic Canadian Adventures!

Over the span of a week I went from Fredericton, NB to Mill River PEI, to Sackville NS, to Deer Lake NL, back to Sackville/Halifax NS, to Miramichi NB and finally to Saint John NB.


Although there is nothing exotic about Atlantic Canada, it does have a lot of scenic parts to it. I traveled by car, plane and train and managed to take a few pictures along the way.

I already posted about the PEI portion of my adventures, for Courtney and Melanie's wedding. But I forgot about pictures on my other camera of our camp site:

Our super muddy campsite!

Pretty old tractor (that still works!), used regularly at the
Provincial Park where we were camping

PEI: a small province with GIANT slugs!

Many, Many, Many more pictures (and a video!) after the jump:

From PEI I mooched a ride back with friends to Sackville and was there for less than 24 hours and was off to Deer Lake, NL.

Flying out of Halifax on a beautiful sunny day

Fluffy clouds!

Slightly dreary Deer Lake, but it's SO green!

Nan's House
Nan and I

I went for a stroll around town and visited a Salvation Army - where I picked up a nearly new pair of Birkenstocks for $3. I felt like I was robbing them, but the woman who worked there was insistent that they were $3, it was hard to argue that I should pay more!

I don't have a picture of them, but they are the standard pair of Arizonas:


I also visited a second hand store just filled with stuff:

Cameras or mugs anyone?

Or perhaps buoys?

I also found these snappables on my walk:

Nothing says Newfoundland like a Skidoo and a flag!!

My childhood candy store, it seems they don't like to take
down their Christmas decorations

I was super excited to find out that my three year your cousin (who lives in Ontario) was going to be in Deer Lake while I was there. We spent the day tiring each other out with hilarious games such as "cover yourself up in a blanket and then throw it off quickly yelling TADA! and someone takes a photo of you doing it"

Covered Up...




My cousin is also a budding photographer. It turns out she takes very flattering photos...

Crazy Al

Missing Head Ali

Well done for a three year old - no?

On a trip to the grocery store I was happy to find that it sells all kinds of things, such as Cod Cheeks!

The top 'bag' is chalk full of cod cheeks!

The liquor store is just an aisle in the grocery store

Bagged Touten Dough!
What is Touten you ask? Click here to find out!

Okay, so after my 2.5 days in Deer Lake I headed back to Halifax. I spent most of Thursday wandering around downtown and was pumped to be able to have lunch at Dharma Sushi. Their lunch specials, particularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, is the best deal in town (it's also really tasty).

An awesome bear in historic properties - ROAR!

Taking the train to Miramichi, the last (and only) time I'd taken VIA rail was way back in 1999 for a Grade 9 class trip to Montreal/Quebec. So I was pretty excited. I did forget that you had to walk for about 5 minutes to get to the car, thankfully it was a beautiful day.

Stopping traffic

On the way into Truro they have lovely murals along the train station, I took a video:

It seems as though I lost my photo-taking steam and took very little in Miramichi. But I DID manage to snap one of the Farmers Market sign we visited on Saturday:

Phew! That was a lot of pictures, are you still with me?

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