20 June 2011

A Well Deserved Break

A few weekends ago, a wonderful classmate offered up his lake house for a weekend of relaxation. It came at a time in the semester where we really needed it - thank you Bill!

I thought I took more photos, but it turns out I just posed for many photos with other people's cameras. Here are a few photos from our weekend escape:

First time in a single kayak

Receiving solid instructions, teachers know how to explain

Pushing off!


Carly & Brendan out for a paddle

A beautiful night on the water

Coming in to the shore

Yasmin our for a splash

This is what happens when large trees grow
along the side of a lake - roots EVERYWHERE!

Brave souls swimming (brrr!)

Tent city!


Someone threw some kind of 'fire colour changing' packet
into the fire so it burned blue and green for a little while

Spinning fire, NBD

Fire lantern? Not sure what it was called,
but science led to this wonderful sight!

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