07 August 2011

Labrador Adventure Update: Phase 3, Postville

We boarded the twin otter for the second last time today and took a 10 minute flight from Makkovik to Postville for our last week of camp.

I'm not sure if it's because the town has a population of less than 200 or because it's Sunday, but it has been pretty quiet around here since we landed around 3:45PM. We took an adventure stroll after supper to check out where we'll be spending the next week.

It seems like we'll have another enjoyable time:

A smoker and the sea

I'm a giant in Postville, ROAR!

There was an old row boat down on the beach, so we did what any normal person would do and sat in it and took photos:

Like everywhere in Labrador we found dogs! This dog happened to have the bluest eyes I've ever seen, I couldn't get a good photo...yet. We're definitely going to pay this wiggle-bum another visit so I'll try again. Brennen and the dog are now best friends:

Postville also has at least one cat. This has not been a common sight for us so far, it seems that dogs run Labrador. This cat was SO friendly and the softest animal I've ever pet. It also has pretty eyes:

There were these concrete steps just hanging out on the beach, perfect for sitting. So I clambered down the side to take some photos. Since Brennen's knee is on the mend I decided on a timered self-portrait. My fist attempt left me headless:

My second attempt is a bit more successful, but with an unfortunate rock in the foreground and it's pretty crooked. I'm going to work on my self-timer skills and perhaps invest in a gorillapod:

Potentially my next camera related purchase, gorillapod SLR


  1. Why do I always picture your "puppy" voice every time I see you with a dog? :P

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