05 February 2012


Well done Pictou County - you kept snow long enough for Greg and I to break in our new snowshoes!!

Yesterday we headed to Scotsburn's Fitzpatrick Mountain and went for a little walk.

We hit up Reindeer Road first

And took a left turn at Maddy's Madness

But of course took a break for a photoshoot water

We were hoping to find a looping trail so we didn't have to hike in and out the same route. But we couldn't - it didn't help that we were without a map and there were no signs on the trails (lesson learned!) So we turned around, hiked out and by the time we got (almost) to the trail head the mood was out.

Afterwards we stopped by the Scotsburn Fire Hall where the 4H Club was having a baked bean dinner fundraiser (Pictou County has most definitely won me over with its small town charm!!)

The event ran until 6:30, but by the time we got there at 6PM there were hardly any beans left and people were clearing up. Thankfully the people of Scotsburn are lovely and they set us up with a place and the full meal: beans, giant hunk of bread, coffee and apple crisp. Oh, and did I say it was all for $5?

Check out Greg and I, we apparently were not keen on making eye contact with the camera:

Really! Check out the loaves of bread we got!

"Centre pieces", hooray for the dollarstore!

We are heading back out to Fitzpatrick Mountain today for a 8km guided snowshoe - of course I'll be sure to let you know how that goes.

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