05 February 2012


Since yesterday was just a trial run for a much bigger hike today I'm posting two snowshoe entries in a weekend. Can you tell I'm excited that I got to snowshoe finally!?!

This hike might be our February hike as per our New Years Resolution. But we are hoping to get out the last weekend of the month.

As part of the Scotsburn Winter Carnival we signed up for a guided 8km snowshoe from Millsville to Scotsburn. It wasn't a loop but rather hiking in and out half of the group drove everyone to the trail head in Millsville and at the end were driven back to their cars - it worked out pretty well. Oh and one of the women who drove us to the trail head was 70 years old - for real. She kicked out butt and finished the hike before us and she was talking about an 18 hour hike she did before. That's not a length I have even thought about measuring hikes in. I was very impressed.

Walk, walk, walk ... wind turbine!

A closer view

We were on part of the Cape to Cape trail, I think we'll have to try out more of the trail system.

The Cape to Cape logo it pretty awesome

One of the trails we took

Hiking in a row...

leads to a nice and packed trail

Photo op!

A short stop at the top, you might be able to spot the smoke
from the Pictou Pulp Mill

Close to the end, crossing the bridge I snapped a
photo of yesterday!

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