11 February 2012

New(ish) Tunes!

I'm kind of late on this post, but this week has been a bit busy so I haven't been on the online ball.

If you are a regular listener of CBC Radio you might be familiar with The Joel Plaskett Emergency's Rock 'n' Roll in Record Time, where the band creates, records, and releases a new song a week for 10 weeks.  If not, here's a video where Joel Plaskett explains the concept:

This weeks release North Star has been my favourite so far - it's been in my head since I first heard it.

But lets take a look back at the making of all 5 of the songs that have been put out, you'll also note the increasing craziness of Joel Plasket. These are GREAT videos! Oh heads up, there are some swears:

#1 You're Mine:

#2 Harbour Boys:

#3 Old Friends:

#4 Slow Dance:

#5 North Star:

Only half way through, that means 5 more awesome songs AND videos to go!

You can listen to all 5 of these songs and lots of other Joel Plaskett Emergency songs on his CBC Radio 3 site.

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