20 February 2012

Past Week(end) Treats

I've been hoarding pictures of food, or at least I felt like that when I connected my camera tonight to upload the few pictures I thought I had.

Given that I have the pictures and I'm in the spirit of sharing here we go:

'clean the fridge out pizza' - everything went in!

The next morning, we had clean the fridge out (random veggies/cheese from the fridge with not a whole lot of planning) omelets, they were very similar to the pizza just with eggs instead of pizza dough - delicious!

Eggplant, feta and tapenade pizza. This one was planned.

Not a great picture, but the thing that looks like a pancake is
a corn cake and there is guacamole salsa on top and we had
SUPER garlic (roasted garlic) mashed potatoes and asparagus.
The corn cakes and garlic mashed potatoes were
Chef Michael Smith's recipes

Strawberry/cranberry/candied walnut/feta salad with fish
cakes and pineapple salsa

Our take on BBQ chicken wings and caesar salad. The chicken
recipe is from Chef Michael Smith

Caramel corn! Another of Chef Michael Smith's recipes

Since we've been using the Chef Michael Smith (every time I say Chef Michael Smith rather than Michael Smith I feel a bit ridiculous, so you can imagine how silly I feel by the end of this post). He's recipes are wonderful though, I've challenged us to try every recipe I can eat in the book since everything we've made so far has been great. The book I'm blabbing on about is Chef Michael Smith's Kitchen - 100 of my favourite easy recipes.

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