14 February 2012


It's only taken a few months but Greg and I now have friends in New Glasgow, and its wonderful! This past weekend we celebrated one of our new friend's birthdays by heading out to Caribou Island and eating Thai food - we seemed to have lucked out in the similar interest department.

On Saturday evening/night it rained and rained in New Glasgow, over night the temperature dropped pretty quickly leaving everything coated in ice. Although it was a bit treacherous driving it made for beautiful ice covered trees!

Posing over a ice covered tree, bending under the weight


Ice-...tree things!

We went AROUND these stairs, they were a
bit to back-breaking for our liking

A view up the stairs from the beach

Lots of ice chunks made their way into the beach

Climbing over ice

It was REALLY windy on the beach, you can tell by my really
red cheeks

The park/picnic area at the top of the beach.

The Birthday Girl wanted to go out for Thai food, Greg and I were SUPER pumped to be invited since we have been really keen on trying this place out. So spending out first visit there with friends was a lovely perk.

Tak's Thai Kitchen is in Pictou and I learned that before it was a pretty large restaurant the owner, Tak, ran the show from a little hut on the waterfront. I'm glad she upgraded her digs.

DELICIOUS Panang Curry

New friends, lots of 'em!!
Photo: Erika...or rather the waiter via Erika!

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