23 February 2012

Second Guided Snowshoe Hike

Last Sunday I headed out with my new New Glasgow friends for an afternoon of snowshoeing. It was my second guided hike (through Hike Nova Scotia) and was as pleasant as the first. We did a little over a 5km loop that started pretty much in someone's backyard in the middle of nowhere, and ended back at the home of the folks who did the guiding for a wonderful bite to eat. People brought homemade bread, beans, cookies and the hosts made chili. I had no idea that food was in store but was pretty pumped when I found out.

The sun came and went throughout the hike

New friends!

A little darker on the cloud front, but the temperature was great

What's a hike without a dog!?

We started with no trail at all, by the time 22
snowshoers went through it was packed.

The last leg was through this open and windy field. It offered
a really lovely view though.

Where the loop made a loop, the sun came
out agin - yippee!

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