11 February 2012

New Glasgow's Greasy Spoon

This morning Greg and ventured out to explore our options for breakfast in New Glasgow. Most places were closed but we found Rita's Cozy Corner open and hilariously inviting with the most Valentine's Day decorations I've ever seen outside of an elementary classroom.

Each table had these 'centerpieces', if you notice the pink cards they are actually "buy 10 get one free fish and chips" punch cards. Rita must make some serious fish and chips:

I thought about asking Greg to pose for this picture (with the balloon looking like a thought bubble) but when I was lining up the picture it just seemed to work out - there were probably a dozen helium balloons throughout the pretty tiny restaurant:

It seems that decorating trees isn't limited to Christmas at Ritas, amazing:

Oh, and of course, the greasy spoon breakfast. My stomach is still mad that I ate it. I was surprised that the eggs weren't heart shaped:

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