08 September 2010

Baking Brain Break

School this year will be more challenging than anything I've ever experienced to date.

That's pretty much the message I was sent on day one of orientation, and the mounting pile of work since that day (just last Thursday) is pretty good evidence that it's true. At least the school was up front about it!

To relieve some of my reading/group work/journal entry crazies this evening I made some cookies...they really didn't turn out how I thought they would but I was able to make them in about 30 minutes. So I'm going to call them brain break cookies.

There was just enough time for my poor o'l noggin to just focus on one thing - following a simple recipe!

Yea, that's a little bit of brown on the bottom, probably more
than should be there :)

I definitely taste tested the cookie on the far left, yum!

You might be thinking, these are very flat cookies, and it's true. They are flat, pancake flat. BUT they are super tasty, with organic, fair trade dark chocolate chunks, coconut and pecans. I think I will throw in more random things next time...oats? Peanut butter?

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