19 September 2010

Neglect Neglect Neglect

I haven't become one of those people who hop on the blog bandwagon, post a few and never to be heard from again - I promise!

In actuality, I'm just cheap.

For the first week and a half or so of living in Fredericton, I was mooching the internet off of some kind neighbour who did not secure their internet.

This came to a halt last week when they annoyingly, wisely secured their network. Normally I would not be such a cheap individual, but with student loans and lines of credit racking up my debt sometimes mooching is called for. Ask my parents, they will tell you that my neighbour is not the first to be mooched from since my full time employee to student transition began.

I managed to find the time to head down to Rogers last Thursday to set up another bill for the paying. But really, I couldn't go on not having the internet. I've been cut off from the world, unable to listen to the radio (with any real clarity, it seems Fredericton has sub-par radio transmission), check my email and of course - post updates for you to read.

Life has revolved around school work, cooking and eating. Not really bad things...just boring night after night.

So on Tuesday, I will have the internet! Sadly I have a class on Tuesday night so the posts won't be flowing quite as readily as I'd like, but they are on their way.

Sit tight!

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