06 September 2010

Hurricane Earl Aftermath

A Greg Entry:

I have been invited to be a guest blogger on this prestigious blog and I humbled by the request. Although I must admit, as with most things I do in life right now, I am only doing it so I can put one more thing on my resume as a skill set. I think "web page manager and content expert" has a nice ring to it.

Because Ali has moved she didn't get to experience Hurricane Earl like we did here in NS. Mainly that experience consisted of having no power for at least 24hrs. and cleaning up lots of branches and leaves from your yard for a day afterward. So I guess those of you not living in NS really didn't miss out on too much. Being that I was raised in rural NB my curiosity about happenings in my neighbourhood and why my neighbours kids just sit on their front step smoking all day often get the best of me. So of course once the hurricane had subsided a bit I had to go for walk and survey/gawk at some of the damage.

Here are some photos I took on that walk:

You can see a badly damaged limb in the
middle of the frame
This is the same tree and the house the
limb is poised to fall on

Some gentlemen cleaning up the debris from a
rather large tree that came down
Another large tree down in the park
between Chebucto and North

North St. closed while power lines are
repaired and debris is cleaned up

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