03 September 2010

Settling In

Since yesterday was so hot that I thought my computer might explode I waited until today to bloggity blog about my time in Fredericton so far.

On Wednesday morning, with the van packed with more stuff than it's seen all summer, Greg and I left Lawrence Street. I can't believe I didn't take a photo of the wonderfully packed van, shameful. So here is a nerdy photo of me and my last few minutes in Halifax:

With a pee break in Salsbury I couldn't resist not having my photo taken with the silver fox (Greg was much too cool to pose):

We arrived around 12:30, met the landlord and I saw my apartment for the first time! After emptying the van, the apartment looked like this:

Main Room: Bed & Living Room

The kitchen with lots of stuff everywhere!

I managed to get things kind of together on Wednesday and last night, but it's been SO hot with the impending doom of a hurricane that I've been uncharacteristically unmotivated.

 Most things have their home now but I will take a few 'moved in photos' tomorrow to share.

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