25 September 2010

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival

My very first Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival went down last weekend, lots of bands at lots of venues - it was great!

On Friday Greg and I went to see Two Hours Traffic and Rich Aucoin (and another band I can't remember). I had heard OF Rich Aucoin, but I hadn't actually heard his music. It was a nuts-o show, the photo doesn't really capture it - but you can see the screen, that's where various forms of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and things we are to chant:

There were also many glowsticks and even one of those parachutes we played with in gym class. Definitely a memorable show.

I think this clip sums up the type of man Rich Aucoin is:

And here's another to give you a better idea of his music:

Given that this was my first exposure to Rich Aucoin, he wasn't the main event for me!

That was Two Hours Traffic, who put on a great show. It was a pretty big change of pace from Rich Aucoin but this time I could sing along!

Slightly blurry!

And to be fair, here are a few tunes by Two Hours Traffic:

And you know you've made it when you are on Q and Jian Ghomeshi gives you a nice long intro:

PS. I love that last song!

On Saturday we took in the last little bit of the Grass Mountain Hobos set at a pub in the Tannery. They were a hand-clapping, foot-stomping good time.

Later that day we went to see Gordie Johnson and Kelly Hoppe:

Kelly Hoppe & Gordie Johnson (right)
They are both from Big Sugar and in addition to playing songs these two gentleman wrote by themselves they played a few Big Sugar tunes. It was another great show.

Well done Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, I will be back if I can be!

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