22 September 2010

Halifax Reunion

Both a reunion in Halifax and a reunion with Halifax. Oh how I miss that place!

I rented a super speedy (nothing illegal of course) red car on a Friday and was back by Sunday. Here are some photos to bring you (and my memories) back to speed.

After being greeted by Greg and his fantastic tomato basil soup I knew it was a going to be a great weekend. We stuffed our faces and then headed down to the Company House to check out Royal Wood (swoon!)

Sometimes being honest gets you places. Royal Wood was selling both CDs and opportunities to support World Vision. I told him that I couldn't afford either since I just started back at school to become a teacher. Apparently Royal Wood has a good teacher or two in his past. He happlily gave me a CD and thanked me for becoming a teacher...and posed for a picture. Yay!

On Saturday after a reasonable sleep in and a yummy breakfast we headed downtown. There was this graffiti party going on, I had remember hearing/reading something about it (back when I was a Haligonian) but at the time I just had thoughts of Peter Kelly trying to breakdance...the news people went on about hip hop and hopscotch, etc. etc. I'm glad I saw these things and didn't see Peter Kelly:

Crazy plastic wrap was wrapped around a number of things, in addition to sheets of black board for people to spray away on:

There were really impressive pieces:

We visited my parents and brother (home for a little while - hooray!) for a really tasty meal, but I didn't take any photos - my tummy was clearly making the decisions and it doesn't care about photos.

It does care about sushi, which my mom, brother, Greg and I consumed a lot of on Sunday:

I think my mother would commit murder if I posed the photos of her any my brother. So I will just let you know that they were there, smiling and enjoying themselves as well.

So this bring my to my last photo...I was much more excited about visiting people and eating a lot to really take many. There will always be a next time - Thanksgiving weekend perhaps!

Here is my sweet little car:

Okay, one post down - Wahoo! Catching up will happen.


I have things to post about going to a place called Kings Landing where it is like going back to the 1800's (it was a program field trip!) and Greg's visit to Fredericton.

One step at a time.

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