04 September 2010

Fredericton Market

I had my second Fredericton Market visit ever today. The first was back in 2007. Two lovely friends (Nicole & Andrew, who turns out read my blog so I'm not just saying lovely because they read it) picked me up and we spent some time walking around inside and out despite the hurricane-fringe weather.

There is much more to see, eat, smell and purchase outside of the market than in Halifax. I think this is great since more people are able to sell their goods and outside is typically nicer than inside. Today made for a little soggier than ideal conditions but that's what flip flops and a raincoat are for:

So many vendors to choose from

I picked up some local veggies and fruits and made fast friends (although I'm sure he doesn't know it - yet) with one of the older gentleman vendors. I went to buy an onion, it came to $1.50, and he then just asked me to pay $1.25 then just asked for $1.00. All the while I didn't say one thing - I will now be a faithful customer, all for saving 50 cents, this man has a good business sense! Maybe he sensed I am now on a student budget?

One of the most important things at this market (I've learned over the years) is their samosas.  I love things that are only 90 cents and are REALLY tasty!


My market fresh picks: yellow plums (AMAZING), apples, a sundried tomato chicken sausage, corn, my $1 onion, garlic and homemade pesto. I think I paid about $15 for this, hooray for the market!!

Dear Market, I will be back next week to buy more of your tasty, local treats!

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