04 September 2010

Moved In Apartment Post

It seems my move to Fredericton might have affected my creativity for blog entries - hopefully it will pass.

Things are much more settled in now, with most of my things having a home. I don't really have a place for one of my two wooden (put it together yourself type) bookshelves or really stuff to put on it so that's probably not a bad thing.

So lets take a tour shall we...

When you come in the door, to your left. I'm
not sure about the hook for my purse/keys, but
it's better than loosing keys all of the time.

Due to a lack of a desk/table I have been using my stability ball and patio furniture chair (note: I don't have a patio here, they were just the best chairs to fit in the van since they folded).

The main space, those windows are HUGE! I had to get 3
panels to actually cover them, no complaints here!

The same wall the door is on. I have bunny ears, but they sadly
do not work in Fredericton. So I just kind of have a GIANT
paper weight on the table, oh well!

Another one of the main room, very little furniture, a whole lot
of floor.

One last one, I mean I DO only have one real room!

There are two nice big windows in the kitchen as well. When I get my table I'll be placing it direcly under them, I'm hoping for a perfect fit:

The main room loops into the kitchen which is a HUGE step up
from my last kitchen!

My spices/baking things have a proper home!! These shelves were made for them (or I'm going to think that way at least):

Cute and functional shelves + Kurt Halsey = top notch kitchen

Now the window is at my back,

One last peek at the kitchen. I really like the
floors (they are ceramic tile).

I left my percolator at Greg's place (silly forgetful me) and it seemed like a waste of money to buy a new one since I'll be able to pick it up just next weekend. So I bought this french press to get my through:

Precious, precious coffee provider

This makes me feel like I have turned a part of my place into dressing quarters, complete with a mirror,  dresser and fully stocked closet:

To the left when you enter the door (the kitchen
is to the right of where you are looking)

Land of the Clothing!
Complete with a light in the closet - amazing!

I am very impressed with the bathroom, it was recently renovated and has ceramic tile on the floor (and on the walls around the tub which I thought was interestly nice). There is also a window in here, which is something I haven't had in 4 years. I just need to be careful of creepers while showering - eep!

I really like the sink!

In fact, I like the sink so much you'll get a better photo of it, that includes me and my thumbs up for approval:

So there it is. My home for the next year. I have a few more things other than the table to bring from Halifax but eventually I will be 100% moved in!

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