05 January 2011

French Fort Cove

Greg and I spent some time in Miramichi on the New Years weekend visiting his family. In addition to visiting and eating we had planned to take in some cross country skiing (it would have been my first time!). But the weather wasn't cooperative for skiing so we opted for a hike instead.

I'll have to wait to go skiing, but it will happen and I'll no doubt post about all the hilarity that will ensue.

Back to the hike, we went to French Fort Cove which has a ton of trails for walking (board walks), hiking and mountain biking.

Posing with the trail map and signs

We hiked the blue to red trail loop
(not the top blue section)

Stopping for a pose, one of my favorite things to do on a hike

Peeling Bark

With one mitten, I took one off to take a picture

All of the trails were well marked, here is a bike trail sign.

Greg loving the fact that there are so many bike trails

Greg on a super slippery bridge.
He's tougher or has better balance than me!
Standing on the other side of the bridge in the picture above. It looked like the above bridge wasn't the first one here:

Here are the remains of a rope bridge

With super old rope, it kind of looks like shaggy dog fur to me.

Greg poised to slide down the hill,
one of three times.
There's this woodpecker called the Pileated Woodpecker that hammers GIANT holes in trees, so when we stumbled across these holes I got excited!

Mega tree damage!

To give you an idea of the size of the holes!

Some type of wood pecker, not the one that did the damage
above though.

Another bridge, there was some interesting ice formations
hanging off the side of it.

Greg scoping out a rock

But not wearing the right thing
makes climbing a little tough!

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