02 July 2011

Canada Day Flea Market

Greg and I took in many things that Saint John has to offer on a surprisingly rain free Canada Day. It started by attending the biggest flea market that I've ever seen! It took over King Street, parts of Germain and Charlotte.

This is as we were coming down Germain Street:

Only a sampling of the tables of junk

Most of what people were selling was junk they didn't care for anymore, like 1 million buttons:

The button jackpot!
More photos after the jump!

Or perhaps their childhood toy collection:

Or that old coke bottle collection sitting around collecting dust? Who keeps these things!?

This was one of my personal favorites, it was like someone compiled parts of my childhood, then tried to sell them. This table had these giant Simpson toys (I'm not sure why Marge and Homer are smaller than all of their kids), Hulk Hogan puzzles, New Kids on the Block something or other and Smurfs figurines!

Then there was this creepy contrast of junk, young meets old:

There was also a surprising amount of people selling homemade soap, this was by far the most decadent of the bunch:

To wash with, not to eat. Note the SOAPS sign
We were fortunate enough to stumble across this gem of a flea market booth, where the folks who were responsible for it proudly told us that you couldn't buy any of the things they were selling in Canada. I asked where they bought it, they had road tripped to Calais Maine to pick up these super unhealthy "foods".

I'm pretty happy that these things aren't for sale in Canada, we have enough junk available to cause diabetes in the entire population. These lovely individuals are just adding to the problem, sigh.

Really? Is this necessary?! People can't just use the jar of
jam AND the jar of peanut butter to make a sandwich?

I had no idea there were different types
of Vienna Sausages, oh my!
After all of our hilarious browsing we actually found something useful! We have been looking for a kettle for camping for some time and lucked out! We picked up this little beauty for $1, perfect-o!

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  1. I can't think of anything more disgusting than the brand name "Goober" being associated with some grotesque mix of peanut butter and jelly! Good find!


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