27 July 2011

Arriving In Nain

After a pretty bumpy flight, with spectacular views we made it to Nain.

The landing strip is pretty short so it's kind of terrifying the first time you land. Thankfully there is beautiful scenery to distract you as you touch down:

The baggage is kept in the nose and the back of the plane, I was really impressed with how much stuff could fit into the nose:

I was even MORE impressed that all of our baggage and bins made it to Nain. When we were checking in at the Goose Bay airport we had to indicate which pieces were not essential and we might get them the next day or in the following days. Thankfully we had all of our stuff...which is a lot:

We went out on a boat up the coast last night, I'll post those pictures tomorrow evening. Hopefully you sit tight until then.

Until tomorrow, I'll leave you with two photos I'm pretty happy with so far:

A fledgling on a rock, on an island up the coast

The Nain harbour

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