23 July 2011

Convocation, Round Two

Remember WAY back when I was checking out the school I was eventually going to go to? Well only a short year later I'm graduating from there.

So....I did it! I graduated, again! This time it was in a church in downtown Fredericton:

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My parents finally came to Fredericton to visit me and of course nerdy photos were taken in front of the St. Thomas sign:

Having parents come to visit means free meals, this is particularly true when their visit coincides with earning another degree. I finally got to check out the Garrison Ale House, something I've been meaning to do while living in Fredericton. I'm glad I eventually got to go, I was able to get Melonhead on tap, hooray for Picaroons!

While walking around downtown I was able to snap a photo of City Hall, but more importantly the uniformed (and I'm assuming really sweaty) guards who hold down the fort:

Back to the graduation...before the ceremony we were herded into the gym section of the church (I didn't know that church's came with gyms!) to line up in alphabetical order. Now while you might think that Brennan (left) looks much more appropriately dressed than Sean (right) for a graduation you are wrong. It just so happens that we graduated in the HOTTEST location in the planet. I'm not sure what temperatures the church got up to, but it was roasting. So hot in fact that one of the honorary degree recipients passed out...TWICE!

So while you may judge Sean's appearance, he was by far the smartest of all of us chumps wearing fancy clothes:

Nothing like fist pumping your way across the stage to earn your degree. Actually I didn't receive my degree at the ceremony, the only thing that happened on the stage was that the little hood with colours on it was placed over my head.

This is the team who 'hooded' me. Really it would be nice to actually have received my piece of paper at this point but apparently there was one last thing we needed to learn, patience. Oh, and how to survive unbearable temperatures while wearing a polyester, black robe.

Our valedictorian, Ian, who did an amazing job representing us:

This is the hood, baby blue is the colour for Education - at least at STU. Does anyone know if that's a standardized thing?

Taking a photo with one of the best professors ever, Sharon Murray!

She's so awesome in fact that she let me (and pretty much anyone who wanted to) try on her fancy "I have a PhD" hat. Pretty awesome, right?

Posing with me ma:

Now equip with the robe and gown I am more nerdly suited up to take photos in front of the STU sign:

Too many cameras at once, Larissa and I looking in two directions:

It really seems like not so long ago I started the BEd program and it's really hard to believe that it's come and gone so quickly. Although it fly by I was really fortunate to have met a solid group of people who made the year one to remember!

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