02 July 2011

Canada Day Music

What is a Canada without free concerts? On Thursday night we took in free tunes on the Saint John Boardwalk where we saw The United Steelworkers of Montreal, Hey Ocean and Bedouin Soundclash.

It was great to hear new songs from Hey Ocean, so I managed to nab a bit of video to share how great and catchy it is:

More photos after the jump!

On the actual Canada Day we stopped by the Boardwalk again and checked out Three Sheet who I had heard of but never seen before. I was pretty impressed, particularly with the guy who beat boxes. I highly suggest you check them out.

Three Sheet


This guy was 'watching' the show, filming it with his camera and texting away on his phone. Maybe this way he'll actually be able to enjoy it later:

I thought this view was particularly great at capturing "Canada Day in Saint John"
Flags = CHECK!
Free Music = CHECK!
Two large smoke stacks = CHECK!!!

It seems many people smoke like chimneys in Saint John. It turns out I'm pretty allergic to cigarette smoke, so for most of both evenings on the Boardwalk I was trying to evade smoke - it was pretty tough. Thankfully Greg is a-okay to wander around with me to try and find some fresh air:

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