28 July 2011

Nain Update: We're on a Boat

Well, almost that cool. Brennen and I were invited out by our camp contact to boat up the Labrador coast to check some fish nets.

SO many more pictures after the jump...

There were so many awesome views as we headed up the coast, I tried my best to take them while in a speed boat, so forgive me if they aren't perfectly straight:

We had to check by someone's cabin to see if bears had gotten to it, thankfully they hadn't. It was an awesome little cabin with a huge BBQ on the front deck. You can only access it by boat so it is nice and peaceful:

While our kind captain and his first mate hauled fish in we hung out on the shore, soaking up the views, risk of bears and swarms of flies. But really, it was amazing!!

Brennen and the bear tracks, ROAR!

Lots to see along the shore:

Brennen and I with our excellent camp contact, Janice!
An abandoned net

Brennen touching the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, but
really it's the Labrador Sea. He's almost got it!
The most bad ass bug killing machine, ever!

You swing at the bugs and it electrocutes them instantly.

We stopped at a small island on the way back to Nain to clean the fish. The island was peppered with birds so I did my best to take a few photos of the fledglings:

Cleaning the fish
Did you know that this is what fish gills look like? I didn't!
This is what a Char's heart looks like, pretty tiny

On the way back we had some beautiful views as the sun was starting to set:

Once we got back into town we were invited over to the 'Captain's' (Eric) house for a fish fry. Both Brennen and I tried Char liver (for the first time). It turns out neither of us like it:

The Char was MUCH tastier:

All in all an AMAZING adventure with AMAZING people!! Yay for Nain!

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