23 July 2011

Short Halifax Visit

Between wrapping up in New Brunswick and heading to Labrador I spent less than 24 hours in Halifax/Sackville.

It was pretty great timing that Terry was home, and even more so was that he had his GIANT helmet with him. I took advantage of the opportunity:

The visor comes up but it looks way more tough with the visor down. Also, here's Terry!

Terry and I had lunch at Himachi House (as per tradition) and between lunch and meeting at the SuperNOVA office I had some time to kill. Thankfully the Pride Parade was in full swing and I had some banking to do on Spring Garden. That meant running into some friends!

Who thankfully took a picture of me and my load of gear:

I heard on the radio that 75,000 people were expected to attend the parade, I was impressed that I still managed to find a few people I know.

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