23 July 2011

Vacation Phase Three

Summer vacation was split into three phases this summer. The first was our trip to Maine, the second was heading to Fredericton for my convocation and the third was to Miramichi for an epic birthday party and a wedding.

The birthday party was a 50th for Greg's Aunt, Kitty. It was an all day adventure with TONS of food, drinks, washer toss, karaoke and even fireworks.  You can check out the karaoke display on the side of the shed, pretty ingenious I think:

Greg and I took a stroll downtown Miramichi and I spotted a very appropriate sign hanging beside the door of a law office. If you can't make it out it says "Gone fishing, re-open Monday"

The Irish Festival (which is a pretty big deal) was going on the weekend we were visiting, so we checked out the super decorated rink. There was dancing, moderate amounts of drinking since it was only early afternoon and lots of booths with people selling stuff.

The wedding was held right on the Miramichi River, it was a short but lovely wedding:

Greg and I took the opportunity to take a photo, you know since we were already 'dressed up':

The reception was held at the Rodd and for some reason I didn't take any photos other than of the sun setting, it was also really lovely, but my pictures don't do it justice:

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