23 July 2011

Eel Ground Pow Wow

Before heading off to run a week of camp my week-long co-workers and I checked out the Eel Ground Pow Wow.

The only other Pow Wow I have been to is the Membertou 400 last summer on the Halifax Commons. This was a much smaller scale of celebrations but it was still full of beautiful clothing and dances:

There were flags from each of the Atlantic Provinces as well as the Canadian flag. I was sitting right in front of the gentleman with the Newfoundland flag so of course I took a photo:

What's a celebration (or a blog post) without food. Fry bread was for sale and you could get it with a number of things on it: taco fixin's, fruit, whip cream, molasses, sugar and more.

Matt when for the fruit and whip cream option, which turned out in true Chamberlain style to be very messy:

And I opted for a bit of molasses and brown sugar, SUPER YUMMY but pretty heavy feeling in my tummy:


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  2. Julia and AiyanaApril 8, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    Dear Mrs. Hutchings,
    My friend and I are doing a heritage fair project on Pow Wows and we find that the 1st and 3rd photos of the men dancing on your blog are amazing! If you would be so kind and allow us permission to use these photos with a credit of your name, we would greatly appreciate it! If you wouldn't mind, please reply to the email address I have provided. AiAu00309@student.nbed.nb.ca
    Thanks so much in advance,
    Aiyana and Julia :)


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