08 July 2011

Saint John Snaps

Some days there are interesting things to take photos of in Saint John but they are not THAT awesome to deserve their own post. So here is a compilation of pictures that are interesting in their own way.

These are three faces that I didn't expect to see together, at least not on the side of a van! If you can't make them out it's Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Danny Williams. They are speaking at Harbour Station in October, and if you have $200 or $300 (depending on how close you'd like to be) you could be in the presence of this unlikely trio. Don't believe me about the price? Check out the event page, shocking!

Oddest find in Saint John, yet!

Saint John gets cruise ships. Word is they originate from New Jersey, stop in SJ and head to Halifax. Interesting cruise ship itinerary hey?

Front of the cruise ship

The rest of the monster ship

A pretty flower on Duke St.

There's a sticker to support the Gas Guru?? AMAZING!!!

Find the typos, oh my!

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