10 August 2010

The Common - Back To Normal?

Now that the two big o'l concerts on The Common have wrapped up they are finally taking down all of the gear - let me remind you, it's been up for over two weeks blocking off much of the green space meant for public use.
I was walking home from the market on Saturday and was happy to see that things were being dismantled and hoping that life on The Common would be returning soon. 

It was strange to see a truck zooming around the grass, my fingers are crossed for minimal amounts of damage!

I was also fortunate enough to pass by the long line of port-a-potties on my walk home and noticed the lovely mark they leave behind on the grass:

Tisk Tisk, I hope there will be some grass seed thrown this way soon!

I did read in the Metro (the most reliable piece of media) that they will start construction of the speed skating track just as soon as all of the concert gear comes down. It will be in the north east side of the Common closest to the Armory.

I'm pretty excited to see how that construction feat is going to happen, but I'm much happier that it only takes up a small portion of the fields rather than its entirety!

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