29 August 2010

Consumption Saturday

Three more 'Must Do's" were checked off my list yesterday, and they made for a day full of consumption!

After hitting up the Seaport Market one last time Greg and I hopped on the ferry to Dartmouth and made our way to Two If By Sea (CHECK!) to eat the most incredible, rich, filling croissants of all time! Their coffee was also pretty tasty:

Check out the SIZE of that croissant!
Greg and I really should have shared...lesson learned.

I agree.

This is the building that Two If By Sea lives in, there is also a restaurant, Nectar Social House, which I've heard good things about. (Warning, there is very cheesy music on the Nectar website - I just though I would warn you before you go clicking all over the place).

Founders Corner

To walk off the GIANT croissant we wandered around Dartmouth - another CHECK!


I didn't know there was a large Irish population in Dartmouth,
there must be if there's a sign like this right?

A look up Queen Street

An awesome (large) fish in the window of Oceanic Art
on Queen Street.

Back down at the Dartmouth Waterfront, just about to go into
the ferry terminal. There's a nice little park just to the right
heading towards the water.

Back to Halifax, on Lower Water Street just outside of
Historic Properties, they are still taking old buildings down.

Little and old vs. TALL and new

After a nice (and necessarily small due to the large croissant hanging out in my tummy) lunch with Greg and his family I spent the afternoon packing up more of my apartment which isn't on my Must Do list, but is definitely a Must Do.

Finally, dinner at the Brooklyn Warehouse (CHECK!), we wanted to go on Friday night but since it was the last day of camp I didn't get home until pretty late. So we made it - hooray!

I really wanted to try their Arctic Char dish with risotto but it had cheese in it - sigh. So I went for Halibut instead ... which I seem to keep confusing with Haddock - they both start with H? I also had their Brooklyn Dark beer which is a blend of Propeller Honey Wheat and Porter, it was AWESOME! One of those dangerously easy to drink beers:

And since we had a starter as well I was pretty full by the time I got to the end of my meal. Thankfully Greg could lend a hand, making sure things didn't go to waste:

I'm pretty sure that I'm still full from all of that eating, but it was well worth it.

Thank you Halifax & Dartmouth!

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