25 August 2010

Reason #247 To Love CBC Radio

I had one of those moments this morning where I stayed in the car long after I parked it to listen to the radio.

After hearing an awesome cover of (I can't get no) Satisfaction by Otis Redding, Hanson's new song came on the radio - HANSON! A strange combination, but an excellent one.

You might be rolling your eyes right now, thinking Ali - this isn't 1997 and Mmmbop isn't what the cool kids are listening to anymore, but this song is great!

After I parked I stayed in the car to listen to not only the song, but what Bob Mackowycz (the host of CBC Radio 2 Morning) was going to say about playing it. He didn't say too much, just introduced the name of the song (Thinking About Something) and then asked if we, the collective radio audience, knew who that was (of course I answered a loud all by my lonesome) and he proudly said "Hanson - they've come a long way since Mmmbop".

I'll agree with you Bob, they have come along way. There was also an excellent song called Penny & Me. And you might disagree on that one but I still like it!

Old Timey Hanson - SO MUCH HAIR!

Current Hanson - so much dreamier these days,
check out that scarf and scruff!
While I could write more about Hason's Thinking About Something video I will stop here, but encourage you to check it out (linked above) and enjoy it's dancing and hilarious nerdery!

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