16 August 2010

Not Since Moses

Greg and I participated in the Not Since Moses 10km run this past weekend - I'm still a bag of sore muscles!!

It was an awesome time and it was great to spend two nights camping and not have to rush off in the morning.

As usual I took lots of photos to document our weekend adventure.

Due to work we didn't leave Halifax until about 6:30 or so but the traffic was light leaving the city so we at least lucked out there.

By the time we arrived at the Five Islands Provincial Park (where we were camping and where the run was happening) it was dusk and after waiting in a line to check in we finally made it to our camp site. The site was like a field/woods hybrid, we were really close to the water tap and the outhouses and the beach where the run happened was pretty close by.

We team-worked it up and settled in and did a little camp cooking by head lamp light. One of our specialties (we've only made it twice, but it's really yummy) is PIZZA! I have talents when it comes to making things from tinfoil, I think it's from camp. But I made a little frame and then laid a sheet of tin foil over top to keep the heat in and voila!

Trusty, trusty headlamps:

After a good nights sleep we woke up to see that our tent was under a crab apple tree. Not something you see in camp sites very often, I'm glad there are no hungry bears in the area!

Drying the fly out, it was SO hot out on Saturday that it dried in record time:

The great thing about camping (and Greg) is that you are forced to get up early, leaving lots of time for a lazy pre-run breakfast, and of course...coffee:

Then it was off to the race (this was a sign that was actually at the turn off for the actual park):

They had a kids run first which I'm SO glad we caught. It was definitely a preview as to how muddy we were going to get. It was also really cute:

Kids ran in all kinds of things, dresses, swimsuits, no shoes. I think adults should have taken the hint:

Check out her shoes!

This is the gate that we ran through at the end, and rather than run through it at the beginning we all lined up just next to it heading out towards the water. I believe the announcer joked saying we will be in the Guinness Book of World Records for longest starting line:

Here we are posing for our before photo, I love that the race shirts are white. They are just asking to be covered in mud!

Along the run we were visited by a man propelled by a fan on his back! We never figured out who he was or what he was doing, but he was awesome:

It's like that episode of the Simpsons where Moe saves Homer from the boxing ring...but in real life!

Although the run was only 10km, the terrain was nothing I've ever run before. I was so winded and muscle-hurting and happy that Greg wasn't his usual competitive self and was happy to stop and take a few snaps along the way. Here I am, being a nerd (with my eyes closed) under a trickle of water that other people went to go stand under during the race:

Here I am struggling to run through the mud. This wasn't even as bad as the mud we ran through on the way out - but it was still really slippery...there might have been a small mud fight at this point:

Finally, the end! We made it! In an amazing 1:21 (that's right, such a crappy great 10km time!!!). Gotta love fun runs. Please note the mud on our shorts, shoes, legs and shirts. There was definitely quite a bit in my hair and since my contacts don't like my eyes it got all over my glasses as well (I took them off for the photo):

Here is a picture of our before and after shoes. This was definitely the end of both pairs after running through foot deep mud, foot deep water and everything in between:

After our run, some relaxing and eating we went to Economy Falls, here's a Mario mushroom I spotted along the way:

The falls, after a long climb down, there were a bunch of people that kept coming out of nowhere from all of these rocks - it was kind of strange, but I was more jealous that they had their bathing suits with them:

A view coming back from the falls, looking out into the Minas Basin:

Another view of the basin:

I made a new friend on the drive home:

All in all, awesome weekend. Thank you Not Since Moses!

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