28 August 2010

Last, Last Day of Camp

After 4 summers of working with awesome individuals at SuperNOVA I'm happy that my last, last day of camp was an awesome one. Things went smoothly, kids left earlier than early, the team worked together as they have been for the past four months and things came together with pizza, cake, awards and a sing-a-long (Smash Mouth and Britney Spears among the songs).

It's flown by, but this has been hands down the best summer ever!

The team minus 2 with the "We Made Friends With Science" cake!

The team (again minus 2) but this time with Mara and I !

Note the medals the staff are wearing around their necks -  I have a post coming soon with the details of their creation!

Like I said, it was an awesome summer, an awesome day and I even received AMAZINGLY thoughtful presents from the team.


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