10 August 2010

Truro on a Saturday

I drove to Truro this past Saturday to post posters (that sounds silly) for a camp we are holding at there at the end of the month. Since it was a lovely day and downtown Truro is pretty nice (who knew!) I decided to walk around.

I met an awesome old man (name George) at the Bingo hall where I put up a poster and he told me about his childhood and his days in school - another reason to love seniors, STORIES!

Following my chat with George I wandered into a consignment shop and then this other store called Lou Lou, which I'm unsure of how to classify. They had all new clothing but of all kinds of brands. It was like a well selected Winners. The staff were lovely ladies and I had a nice chat with them as well. Truro is a friendly place.

Here is a snap of the shop, I really liked the building:

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