23 August 2010

NB DIY Project

I imagine I'll have a bit more time on my hands than I do now when I move to Fredericton - or at least until school is in full swing.

That coupled with the small amount of furniture I'll have in tow has inspired me to make a POUF! Yea it sounds lame. But it's definitely super cute and potentially comfy (and it comes with step by step instructions):

This picture doesn't quite show it's largeness

But this one certainly does. Goodbye couch, hello cushion?

I spotted this on a wonderful design blog called Design Sponge a friend posted a link to on Facebook (thanks Nancy!).  In fact I like it SO much that I posted it in my Sites To See link list on the right - serious, I know.

There are also DIY curtains which I'll also be trying my hand with. I'm so happy there is a Fabriville in Fredericton!

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