26 June 2010

Grand Chief Membertou 400

Greg and I stopped by the Grand Chief Membertou Pow Wow yesterday on the Common. But not before we were approached by the cutest entrepreneur ever!

She was selling lemonade (both pink AND regular) to save up for TWO hamsters! It was pretty tasty lemonade and  I even got a flower from her as well. The flower seemed to have fallen out of my hair clip before I could take a photo of it. But here is Greg and Rudy with the tasty lemonade:

Okay, back to the Pow Wow. When we got there not too much was going on, but then some music started over on the stage with a bit of traditional dancing:

Then the Grand Entry started, since everyone was standing the view is not the best. But here's a photo of the flags being carried in. In addition to First Nations People dressed in traditional clothing, there were police, mounties, veterans and other people involved in the Grand Entry. There was lots of dancing, drumming and singing:

We checked out the vendors as well. They had hand made skin drums:

There was also a "Village" of Tipi's:

It's really nice that even though this event is taking over the entire Common you can walk across it, use the short cuts and not be kept out unlike the concerts and other events that go on.

They also have impressive signing up:

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