04 August 2011

Makkovik Update: Pie!

One of my favorite things about Newfoundland and Labrador is definitely the food. It's been pretty great having Brennen as my co-worker while venturing through Labrador, as he's someone who hasn't heard of a lot of the food let alone eaten it before so of course someone needs to encourage him to try the strange named eats. I've happily filled that role.

So far the list of new things for Brennen has included: Arctic Char, Caribou, Salt Meat, Peas Pudding, Pineapple Crush and Bakeapple Pie.

Bakeapple Pie!

Bakeapples, also known as Cloudberry are a tart berry and since it's new to Brennen we requested bakeapple pie for dessert last night. It was SUPER tasty!

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