25 August 2011

TV Guilty Pleasures: The Summer Edition

While the fall and winter are full of mind numbing TV shows to waste way too much of my time, the summer doesn't offer quite the same spread. But I've managed to find a few shows to pass the time, whether it be downtime in Labrador, or lazy mornings of unemployment.

I started watching Pretty Little Liars (season 1) earlier in the year and then I wasn't sure what was going on with Season 2 until I stumbled upon updates about the show in mid-June. Just in time to have time on my hands since classes were over. So I'm back on the PLL train and some parts of the show are just terrible, but I can't seem to stop watching.


Another show is True Blood. I watched Seasons 1 and 2 straight through, but it seemed I was too busy impatient to wait each week for a new episode to come out, or perhaps it was because I was disappointed with season 2 and was hesitant to start 3. But again, with too much time on my hands I resort to TV and I gave True Blood another chance. I watched Season 3 way too quickly and was onto the current Season (4), where I'm now one of those people excited for each week where there's a new episode.


And finally, the last of my summer's TV guilty pleasures is The Glee Project. I didn't really know about this show until half way through. And I'm not usually a huge fan of singing/dancing competition shows I was roped in with it being about Glee. This show wrapped up this week with a modest 10 episodes. But with Glee starting again pretty soon you don't have to worry about me going through any sort of musical high school withdrawal. And who knows? Maybe I'll get a teaching gig at a school where singing and dancing in the hallways is embraced and promoted?


So I know I'm not the only one with TV guilty pleasures, so please validate my sharing by commenting with YOUR summer TV shows :)

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  1. I've watched 8 seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, haha. Love it.


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