24 August 2011

The Time We Went To Sussex

On our way back from Fundy we decided to stop into Sussex for lunch, and boy did we luck out! They were having a GIANT flea market on something like an exhibition grounds. Here are some of our sweet finds:

Real My Littlest Ponies, and fakes - nostalgia!

Not sure what's going on here, but it was in the back of a pickup

Instead of a regular tricycle this kid got a head
start on the farming business

We learned that "Dick'r" means to haggle!

The most basic skis, ever

We then wandered the streets of Sussex, where we took in a lot of lovely murals. We also learned that Sussex has 26 murals, the second most in the country. Number 1 is a town in BC. I believe most if not all represent something that happened in Sussex. The one below is all about the Royal Family and their visits to Sussex:

This one is a bit more modern, as the artist captured Greg's likeness exactly:

We also spied this sign, and I really wasn't sure what the shop was all about...take a guess at what you think it's for:

It's for your pets! I'm not sure if I'd take my imaginary dog to a chop shop...eep!

Before hitting the road back to Saint John we did what we set out to, eat lunch. After finding out all of the cafes in town were closed on Sunday we were told about the All Seasons restaurant  so we hit it up. As you can see, their menu caters to all audiences, with a Tiny Tummies section as well as the Freedom 55 items. Greg and I both chose items from other pages.

Not one to drink pop, but I really wanted
root beer!

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