26 August 2011

Thursday Evening Hike

Last night Greg and I took a stroll off the main drag in the Irving Nature Park, it was a beautiful evening despite the flies (SO MANY!) I'm currently scratching an unfortunate amount of bites. Last time we visited it was in March, so we were eager to take the actual trails, rather than the road since the snow wasn't stopping us this time.

We took the Squirrel and Seal loops:


Watching the waves roll in

This picture doesn't capture the beautiful colours,
but it WAS a very pretty sunset, even in the fog

Greg and part of Saint John's west side in the background

Cheese-ing. Please note my blustery hair

Many, many seagulls

Nice view. A crow was trying to fly when we
looked out this way, but the wind was too strong
so it turned back...it was windy yesterday

I'm not sure if this is going to be something the public can access
as of right now it isn't, but it would be neat to get to the wetlands

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