23 August 2011

A Weekend in Fundy National Park

After a slow and lazy Friday morning we packed up our camping gear and headed to Fundy National Park where we spent two nights. Despite the comings and goings of fog and mist the weather was great (particularly for hiking) and we had a good weekend of outside.

Stopping for a picture at Matthew's Head

A sea cave, perhaps accessible at low tide

On the return we spied a pile of bricks that use to be a building, so of course Greg did what any guy would do...

Found a gun shaped stick and set up shop:

On Saturday we hiked a nice long loop with a number of waterfalls and a great view of a river.
Trail marker
Taking a break, taking in the view

With rain expected we made good use of a tarp, as well as the surrounding trees, branches and rocks to make a stellar kitchen:

An what's Greg and Ali camping without Pizza!? So here they are, we used our new camping stove that has a grill to cook without burning anything. For the most part it worked out,

Camping breakfast is also a treat, where eggs have that extra special flavour of bacon given they were cooked in the same pan. 

I made blueberry jam, which turned into a very hard product after not much time. So in order to eat it you need to heat it up. Given my love of tinfoil I made a little boat to heat up the jam in...it worked pretty well!

The Rising Tides Music Festival was happening in Fundy the same weekend we were camping, which was not planned but very well timed. We took in a set by the Olympic Symphonium and Issac and Bluett. I'm impressed that Fundy has an amphitheater, it had great sound with a good view:

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