04 August 2011

Makkovik Update

All in the name of science for kids!

Brennen and I have discovered an awesome way to re-create an activity I learned while delivering a camp a few weeks back. The kids learn about dentistry and oral hygiene while cleaning plaster teeth and filling cavities with 'fillings' made from tin foil.

The last time I did this activity we had these neat teeth molds, yes they are supposed to be for making teeth shaped ice cubes:


But we didn't have them this time. So we improvised, hooray!

Taking modeling clay, covering it with saran wrap and making our own teeth impressions seemed to do the trick. We then poured plaster of paris into the 'molds' and voila! Hilarious teeth!

We made holes in the plaster teeth with a nail and filled them with green homemade play dough to simulate cavities and then smeared yellow clay over the teeth to simulate plaque!

We ran the activity this afternoon and the kids worked pretty steadily at it for almost an hour - success!

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