11 August 2011

Postville Update: Radio Famous

So yesterday was a pretty media filled day as far as things have been going. In the morning the radio station from Nain which broadcasts all along the North Coast called and wanted to chat with us and a few campers about what exactly we've been up to at camp. It went really well, just questions over the phone, but the kids were great and excited to be interviewed.

The second interview was from the Postville radio station which broadcasts locally only. This was a sit down interview in the radio station, which is conveniently in the same building where we are holding camp. Brennen and I were asked a few questions to help explain what the camp was about and so it. Our interview was live (hooray!) and hilariously between a JLo and Kesha song...we're on their level.

Also, please be sure to take in our post-camp day glow as we are looking no doubt at our best at the end of the camp day, right?

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