06 August 2011

Makkovik Update: Out on the Water

It seems everyone in Labrador has a boat, and we've been fortunate to be invited out on a boat in both Nain and Makkovik.

Today was a beautiful day for it, a bit of cloud and a great wind to keep bugs away.

The folks who run the hotel we're staying in invited us out on their boat to try our hand at fishing and to have a boil up. I only learned what a boil up is today and I'll explain when I get to the pictures. There was a hope that we might see seals, whales or ice burgs, but we didn't get to see any. Regardless we had an awesome time and even caught some fish!

Group Photo!

Brennen caught his first fish! It was too small so it went back, but it was still exciting!

This is jigging, you run a long line with a hook on the end into the water until you hit the bottom. You pull up the line about 6 feet then make quick tugs on the rope trying to keep it about 6 feet from the bottom. Eventually (and hopefully!) you will catch something and you can feel the change in the weight of your line. Then hand over hand you pull up your line and hope that it's something you were hoping to catch!

I caught a rock cod!

Trying to pose with another one without it flicking me in the face

Again, a little too small. Back in it goes

A happy fisherlady
From jigging we caught 2 good sized rock cod and one cod (Lori, one of our hosts caught the real cod).

Then we headed up the bay to try our hand at rod fishing for trout. We didn't catch any, but I had fun learning how to fish with a rod...I was afraid of hooking everyone with my hook but thankfully everyone was in one piece by the end of it.

We traveled further up the bay to "Gull Island", nicknamed for the large amount of seagulls who live there. Thankfully there weren't too many around today and we were spared from being pooped on.

Lori brought a ton of snacks for the boil up - which is when you are out on a boat and you head to the coast, start a fire, make some toast, tea and eat snacks. I like boil ups!

Char bar - smoked arctic char...AMAZING!

Here's our fire, behind this great big rock to keep it from the wind, it worked wonderfully:

Boiling water and toasting bread, life in Labrador is AMAZING!

Brennen burnt one side of his toast, whoopsie!

Eating toast self portrait...flattering I know

A just about ripe bakeapple...remember the pie I posted?
This is the berry it's made from

Seal skull

Seagull nest

A pretty view and an awesome dog!

This is Molly, she's a really hilarious and fun dog who came along with us for the trip.

She took a big stick from our pile and played fetch with it for quite some time...adorable!

From this trip to Labrador I've learned you say yes to every opportunity presented to you, and if it's a trip in a boat you're guaranteed an awesome time filled with salt air and great food!

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