17 August 2011

Labrador Conclusion: Last 24 Hours

After three great weeks in Labrador with incredibly hospitable people and awesome campers I'm back in Saint John. Now that I'm less than employed I have tons of time to do things and blog about them - lucky you!

But lets go back to the last 24 hours in Labrador. We had to end our time in Postville a day early to catch the only flight leaving the North Coast in order to catch our flight back to Halifax. That was a bummer as we had a rushed good-bye with campers. But at least we got to say good-bye!

We lazed around Goose Bay on Friday and decided to end our trip like we started, with hilarious drinks from Jungle Jims:

Strawberry Margarita & Chocolate Swirl
(or something like that!)

The next day was better, we got in touch with our camp contact from Nain who actually lives in Goose Bay and she showed us the town and we were even so lucky to make a homemade meal at her apartment - yay for cooking!

We visited this mish-mash of a store (it sold souvenirs, clothing, lingerie, toys, hunting/fishing gear and had a military museum in the basement!). So after some hilarious browsing we checked out the museum, here are some of our finds:


If there's a helmet lying around, I just need to put it on

Giant gun, doesn't it remind you of Walkers from Star Wars?

Front on view

NBD, moose antlers under a table

Moose head!

ROAR! Bear head!

After our romp in the store we headed down to an awesome craft store (Slippers and Things) that I actually had visited back in 2007 on my first visit to Labrador. And just like before the owner was one of the nicest people ever and fed us toutons (Brennen's first time) and encouraged us to eat as much as we wanted...YUM!

We headed to our new Goose Bay friend's house and made homemade spaghetti sauce and relaxed for a bit before heading to the airport.

Getting out of Goose Bay was a-OK, but we were flying through St. Johns then on to Halifax. That's where we encountered our troubles...sigh. Our plane was first just 2 hours late, mechanical issues from Ottawa where the plane was coming from, then it just kept getting later and later.

Top line of the screen, the plane wasn't schedule in until 1:05
so that meant we weren't going anywhere for awhile

Departure time, 1:30AM, note the time in the top right corner
it was already 1:36, but thankfully we were about to board

We eventually made it to Halifax, flew in at about 3:20 and I made it to my parents around 4AM. Despite this unfortunate ending to a great three weeks I had an AWESOME time and hope I get back to Labrador again!

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