30 August 2011

University Shenanigans

The CBC posted an article today about a Dalhousie professor who quit his job at the school because of a particularly long wait to get a university parking pass (we're talking hours).

Here's the article.

Now while I don't believe it's right to have people waiting in line for a ridiculously long time to buy a parking pass (which is WAY overpriced to begin with), I don't think it's necessary to quit because of it.

I was quick to respond to the CBC article, and it seemed that as of 12:30 today 68 people liked my comments while 12 didn't (click the photo to make it read-able):

I also like the person's reply to my comment...but you can't comment on a comment like Facebook so I thought I would post about it here.

After sharing the article on Twitter/Facebook I got some comments and posted more of what I thought there as well:

I wonder if the actions by this professor will result in anything other than his retirement? I'm also curious if/how Dal will respond.

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