27 September 2011

Apple Picking!

Greg and I visited the Kingston Peninsula on Sunday, taking in the BEAUTIFUL weather and the loaded apple trees.

Interesting donkey (?) art on the shed

Cute AND helpful signs. The different apple
trees were marked with different colours.

Lots of ridiculousness...not sure what the deal is with the figures

Lots of fallen apples, the filled in the paths

There were spider webs EVERYWHERE, thanks little guy!

Our haul

View from the top of the orchard

This place also has grapes

And a beach, where I practiced taking photos

Some other strange things at the orchard/beach

On the way back we stopped at a little market where they had
LOTS of pumpkins. Greg picked out a few for birthday pie

So now that we have lots of apples and pumpkins I will be trying my best to make some delicious treats - hooray!

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