28 September 2011

Famous Science Friends

A wonderful guy co-worker from SuperNOVA is still rocking science, it's just gone from teaching grade school students to shooting protons for cancer therapy - amazing. I'm not going to try and explain it, Nick can do it much more eloquently and hilariously:

The video is really well done as well, I hope you enjoyed the nerdery as much as I did!

Well said sir - SCIENCE!

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  1. Thanks, I'm glad you like it Ali. Don't worry, I still love teaching Science as much as I love doing it. The video is amazingly well done. It was done by a film student at UBC on her spare time just because she is interested in science but doesn't really have many opportunities to become more involved in it. The place I worked at (TRIUMF: Canada's national lab for particle and nuclear physics) is the best place ever. So much Science, so much learning. How can you not be excited by that?

    I hope all is well with you and your fiancee(Yay!) and that the teaching profession is treating you well, you teacher you.


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