05 September 2011

Summer Wedding #4: Nancy & James

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Agnew - these two sure know how to throw a party! After a lovely ceremony at UNB's Memorial Hall (like a church it has stained glass but lacked the other churchy-elements) the party headed to the Killarney Lake Rotary Lodge.

The BIGGEST wedding party for a wedding that I've attended.
They all looked so lovely!

MANY more photos after the jump, click Read More below:

Book-stack center pieces

Teeny tiny wooden flowers that were all over the tables

Framed literacy skills on each table...note that the Farmer's
WIFE washes the dishes, inneresting

The wedding favours were books that
Nancy had collected. Angela chose a cat
book, laughs were had.

Courtney was pumped with his book haul

And the dancing begins...

So much dancing that even the comfortable heel alternative of
flip flops were abandoned on the side of the dancefloor

This sweet speech cloud came out near the end of the night...

It made for some excellent photos

This was a winner of a speech bubble

Bubbles! There were so many bubbles!

Angela looking super tough wearing a wedding guest's necklace

This is Josh's attempt at wearing the necklace

The lady on the right is the owner of the necklace

Photobombing Josh, please note his face hasn't changed much
from the photo above this one - way to be consistent!!

Tough guys?

How many library nerds MLIS'ers can you have at a wedding?


An epic Owen speech, well done Sir!

DELICIOUS cupcakes!

Om nom nom, cupcaaaaaaakes!

At around 2AM we found ourselves at the Diplomat, despite
living in Fredericton for about a year I never made the trek

The result is 2AM Chinese food, it helped prevent feeling icky
the next day given the open bar at the wedding

Our wonderful friends Sarah and Dan let us stay on their couch and fed us the next morning. A delicious brunch made with their brunch themed wedding presents from Summer Wedding #1. Thanks Sarah and Dan!!

Om nom nom waffles...

And soy milk lattes!

Congratulations Nancy and James, thanks for getting married and having a stellar wedding. Again, you two sure know how to throw one hell of a party!

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